Curious about think6?

Every business has to start somewhere! think6 started  in 2006 in my loft in rural Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. Having worked in hospitality, commercial insurance, motor retail and local government, I (Teresa) took the leap to open think6 Marketing Solutions. The vision was to offer a full-service marketing agency that would provide a range of marketing services to businesses and organisations across the island of Ireland and UK. 

The marketing function is crucial to the success of any business and having access to highly skilled, experienced and knowledgeable resources to achieve this success is essential. And so this is at the core of what think6 offers.

Outsourcing can often be perceived as a costly, out of control option. However our approach to working with clients (who incidentally favour either a long term working arrangement or repeatedly return to us on a project by project basis). The key is collaboration whilst building mutual confidence in our working relationship.

To provide clients with creative, practical, and effective marketing solutions, no fluff, working within reasonable budgets and timescales. Getting the job done in an effective and efficient manner. Always working collaboratively with our clients so they are fully involved in the marketing function of their business. 

We have a highly experienced team of strategic marketing thinkers. Our team has a whole skills set in digital from web, SEO and social including Instagram, Tik Tok Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube and Google my Business. There is a team of content creators, including graphic designers, copywriters, photographers, videographers, animators, and illustrators waiting to help you. A tonne of talent and all based within Northern Ireland.

Tourism Experience Development

In addition, we have a talent pool that brings products and experiences particularly in tourism from conceptto commercialisation.  

To play a signficant role in the sustaining rural communities by supporting and strenghting businesses across a range of sectors located in rural communities.

To build a marketing brand recognised for its professional, knowledgeable and creative approach. One that welcomes clients that recognise the true value of good marketing support and is sustained by working on projects that achieve.

Whether your situation is the owner of a start up or a multi-million-pound empire, we have the solution.

We have the ambition to deliver relevant marketing support that you can tap into and experience the benefits of instantly.


For our team, clients, and environment. We have a deep appreciation for every client that engages with think6 Marketing Solutions.

We appreciate your position very quickly and respect your decision to engage with us.

We have a deep-rooted respect for the people who work with us. For their skill, knowledge and talent is what helps us deliver the best service possible to clients and projects.

It is important to us that we have a conscious respect for the environment, in how we do business and how we can help to build sustainable communities. 


We get better results when we collaborate with clients and when you collaborate with us.

That means open and honest conversations, getting to the crux of the marketing issue this ensure that we can navigate a way together to achieve the objectives set out.


We still have lots to do, but we won’t be able to do it if we are not a sustainable business.

think6 want to grow our team, grow our clients, grow our business with suppliers and grow our reputation.

This makes us sustainable and a good contributor to our local economy and society in general.   We are passionate about the sustainablity of local rural communities, and working on projects that sustain communities.

Practical, creative, and honest, we see little point in telling clients what they want to hear. It is much more effective for everyone if we are doing the best for our clients using our knowledge, skills, and experience in strategic marketing to make a real difference to your marketing activity.

How to Engage think6

For new clients we open up the conversation with a face to face meeting where possible,  then a proposal and next steps.  Every client is different so its important that we propose a bespoke proposal for each project. 

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