Is Regenerative Tourism really a new concept?

Regenerative Tourism - Mural at Belleek, Fermanagh

Quite simply … no. Blog finished.   Maybe we will tell you a little more about this. Regeneration is by no means a new concept. But, the idea of regenerative tourism could perhaps be described as new, in so much as it has become a topic of mainstream conversation in recent years.  Many examples exist of […]


We sell-out events. A powerful and impactful statement. It is what every company/organisation wants. We have successfully complete events for Fermanagh Art Club, Wilde Dining, Trad Under the Trees, Culture Night, and have secured sold-out status for them. But is this enough?   What makes for a great event, or better yet what makes for a […]

Female Entrepreneurship – Why run your own businesses? Surely, it’s because of the perks!

Network for Enterprising women

Thanks to Aideen@think6 for this perspective on Female Entrepreneurship.  Certainly, food for thought.   There was a very interesting question recently posed at one of the ‘Network of Enterprising Women’ monthly meet ups. One which was wasn’t answered, and probably never will be answered completely. What country offers the best support to their female entrepreneurs? Or […]

Community Heritage – A Growing Economy

If there is one thing, we are deeply passionate about, is promoting a sense of place through heritage. That’s why we love when community groups identify that the heritage in their area and the story it tells can make a valid contribution to the economic sustainability of their community.  This fits well with the drive […]

Experience Building

With Christmas fast approaching, many will be grappling to pick up that special gift, some will end up buying that last minute present from a large retailer or online shopping platform so we wanted to take this opportunity to give shout out to all local businesses, communities and tourism experience providers who are hoping that […]

Is honesty the best policy?

Marketing Communications is all about making products, services, companies shine. It is about highlighting your best assets and what you offer (the old features and benefits conversation). It is about giving people a reason to choose you and to keep choosing you! Here is where our job then gets a little tricky, and also how […]

Cluster, Collaboration, Community – Why Get Involved?

For small businesses in particular who are so used to working on their own, doing their own thing, relying on their own resources, it can often be challenging to step out and become part of a group of collaborators, but when the benefits outweigh the challenges, what’s not to consider.?!  I’m not going to get […]

Social Media for the Good

In the last 24 hours, a courageous young woman exposed her story of domestic abuse through social media. She gave her version of the truth and provided a graphic insight into the utter cruelty of one human being on another. The post has been shared by 1000’s, read by 1000’s and commented on by 1000’s. […]

Blue skies are coming

Blue skies are coming. The weather is a constant topic of conversation for us and being located in Fermanagh, rain does feature quite a lot. We are reported to be the wettest county in Ireland, that might also have something to do with our lakes, but it is fair to say that whilst we can […]

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