Is honesty the best policy?

Marketing Communications is all about making products, services, companies shine. It is about highlighting your best assets and what you offer (the old features and benefits conversation). It is about giving people a reason to choose you and to keep choosing you! Here is where our job then gets a little tricky, and also how and why we think you should choose us for your marketing needs.  

All about you?  

If you want to know how to promote your product, whether it is through digital platforms, PR, advertising, event management, direct marketing, you have to start with the basics. Who are you, what are you about, what is your vision, mission and proposition. What makes you, you – what’s your USP? What do you stand for? We can help with all that. Whether you have an idea, or you are a company that wants to elevate your business and grow beyond the ‘wing it’ approach to marketing, then a good communications strategy is a must:  

6 questions that need answered to create a good marketing communications strategy 

Know what you want to say? 

Who you want to say it to? 

When you want to say it? 

Where you are going to say it? 

Why are you saying what you are saying? 

How are you going to convey the message?  

One of the greatest foundations to creating a successful marketing strategy and a lasting one, is honesty. That may be honesty to yourself and if you follow the strategy above with complete truthfulness then that is brilliant. If, however, you are struggling, or you have more people than just yourself involved now could be the perfect time to get a little help organising a marketing strategy and if required implement it. If you choose us, then honesty will work both ways. We could always promise the moon and stars, we could promise results and a 30 day get rich quick scheme that lands us customers, but doesn’t keep them. But we know that is bad marketing! 

Sure, you could put up lots of social media posts, get a few likes, try to go viral, try to break the cycle of digital noise and that is your strategy. But, at the core if you are not answering the 6 questions above, even at a basic level, it is unlikely your marketing strategy will be successful. That’s where we step in to make things easier.   

What we offer:  

We are here to be the voice of reason, reality and rationale. To start you off on the best possible footing, as you launch your business, reassess your business, reassess your marketing strategy, or rebrand. That means honesty. Honesty from you with regards to your business, and honesty from us a marketing agency who don’t just want your business, but want your business to be a success.  

In recent weeks – 2 clients have said, “We wouldn’t be where we are today, if it hadn’t been for the belief you had in us.” We’ve been working with clients since 2006 so we know a thing or two about what will work and what won’t! often all you need is a little encouragement and a voice of reason. 

Often, belief, courage and confidence especially for those small businesses and committed entrepreneurs like yourselves is all you need alongside that outside voice saying “yes, there is something in your idea”. The same respect stands for medium business owners who need that extra momentum, to realise their potential. This can mean of course that we often have to politely provide a reality check. A wild goose chase is pointless for everyone!

As it turns out, I have watched from the sidelines the first business grow from strength to strength, surpassing all their expectations, exporting, and growing a brand that is no longer a fledgling. The other is at the beginning of their journey but they are fully committed and building a resilient business.

If you want a no-nonsense approach to marketing, we believe we can offer that. Whether you are just starting out, you have been struggling with gaining traction, are looking to diversify, or if your company has a strong standing but you want to take it to the next level. We are the perfect sounding board.  

We love to get a belief boost from time to time too. After all we are a small business just like many of our clients.  

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