Is Regenerative Tourism really a new concept?

Regenerative Tourism - Mural at Belleek, Fermanagh

Quite simply … no. Blog finished.  

Maybe we will tell you a little more about this. Regeneration is by no means a new concept. But, the idea of regenerative tourism could perhaps be described as new, in so much as it has become a topic of mainstream conversation in recent years. 

Many examples exist of offering something back to the place you are visiting.  How about planting a tree, clearing up litter from coastlines, shopping for local produce etc. These are all great ways to practice regenerative tourism and for businesses to offer a different kind of experience in conjunction with local communities.  

On the whole there are so many ways in which to bring regenerative tourism to your community, to your business, to your county, to your country as a whole. Think BIG! What does regenerative tourism mean for your business/organisation. Well, it means a shift in your entire way of thinking. It is more than commodities, it is more than putting in solar panels (still a great thing, don’t get us wrong), it is about encouraging a new way of travelling and investing in a new mindset.  

Think6 have always been involved in tourism experience development, tourism marketing and this is the new-ish way to elevate and market tourism. It is not just a tourism marketing strategy, it is a whole switch in the way we view our tourism industry and it is essential to get on board.  

We have gathered together 6 points we think that any organisation, destination, or company should think about when putting together a regenerative tourism plan:  

  1. How can you work to make life better for your community?  
  2. How can you leverage the assets your community already has? 
  3. How can you work to give your guests/visitors the best possible immersive experience? 
  4. How can you ensure that you are working with people aligned to your values?  
  5. How can you place your organisation or business in a wider picture?
  6. Are you willing to work cohesively with others?

At think6 we have worked with a myriad of villages to support and promote the regeneration of rural communities. If this is something which you feel your community or company could benefit from please do contact us.   

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