Is Regenerative Tourism really a new concept?

Regenerative Tourism - Mural at Belleek, Fermanagh

Quite simply … no. Blog finished.   Maybe we will tell you a little more about this. Regeneration is by no means a new concept. But, the idea of regenerative tourism could perhaps be described as new, in so much as it has become a topic of mainstream conversation in recent years.  Many examples exist of […]


We sell-out events. A powerful and impactful statement. It is what every company/organisation wants. We have successfully complete events for Fermanagh Art Club, Wilde Dining, Trad Under the Trees, Culture Night, and have secured sold-out status for them. But is this enough?   What makes for a great event, or better yet what makes for a […]

Blue skies are coming

Blue skies are coming. The weather is a constant topic of conversation for us and being located in Fermanagh, rain does feature quite a lot. We are reported to be the wettest county in Ireland, that might also have something to do with our lakes, but it is fair to say that whilst we can […]

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